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To Cleanse Or Not To Cleanse

Cleansing is a controversial topic. Some may say it’s not good for you and that there are negative affects on the body. But these “negative affects” only really happen when people abuse a cleanse. And by abuse, we mean “continuously cleanse.” Some people think if they drink juices everyday they’ll get all of the nutrients they need on a daily basis or that they’ll stay thin and keep weight off. This isn’t the case. Cleansing is meant to detox the body. There are so many toxins in our environment, from the air we breathe to the food we eat. Every so often it’s good to rid our body of these. Detoxing prevents chronic disease, boosts our immune system, increases energy, improves our mental and emotional well being, and overall restores our body to a healthier less intoxicated state. Drinking juices filled with nutrients is a great way to detox. But we strongly advise on cleansing between 1 and 5 days. If you follow a cleanse the way it’s advised then it’s definitely going to benefit you. 

Many of our juices are filled with fruits and veggies which are all plant based. When you’re on an all plant based diet, you’re allowing your body to get rid of inflammation and increase your energy. You’re also eliminating dairy, gluten, and wheat while you cleanse. Once you introduce these foods back into your diet, you’re likelier to figure out which of these don’t agree with you.

Juicing does in fact help with weight loss; but not in the way you might think. When you participate in a longer juice cleanse (5 days) your body is getting acclimated to ingesting less food. Your body needs less amounts of food to feel full. You’ll no longer want to eat for comfort. This will help control snacking and overeating once you’re back to eating solids. Overall, cleansing helps remove waste in our bodies and improves digestion. It resets our intestinal tract and gives us a jump start to feeling better and wanting to eat cleaner and fresh!

At Nekter we offer two cleanse options; The Classic & The Advanced. The Advanced Cleanse is for someone who’s already been through a classic juice cleanse before and is ready for more nutrient dense juices. We’ve also added beets, swiss chard and green apple to our new and improved Advanced Cleanse. Swiss chard and green apple are low glycemic ingredients that help balance your blood sugar which helps curb your sugar cravings and gives you steady energy all day long. Either cleanse is great and we’ve helped eliminate the confusion of the order by numbering them. You can start off slowly with a one day cleanse and if you’re up for it and want a more intense detox, can move your way up to three days then to five. Remember to drink plenty of water as well during your cleanse; water helps get rid of the toxins too! 

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