Pumpkin Chia Parfait

The New Menu Addition Nekter Fans Are Loving

Unless you’ve been living under a giant rock, you’ve probably heard about chia seeds by now. No bigger than a speck, this tiny superfood packs a big nutritional punch. Loaded up with plant-based protein, omega-3 fats, fiber and antioxidants, chia seeds are one of the most nutritious foods on the planet, aiding in digestion, boosting your metabolism, creating glowing skin, helping to build muscle, keeping your heart healthy and protecting from certain types of cancer.


Introducing our new chia parfaits, made fresh in-house each and every day. Not only are these grab-and-go cups of creamy chia pudding goodness a convenient, quick, portable way to eat healthy on-the-go, they’re so insanely delicious, you won’t even believe how clean they are.

Even better: we have three flavor-filled options available at all Nekter locations to help you get your daily chia fix. Our Berry Chia Parfait is made with date-sweetened, housemade cashew-milk-based chia pudding, and topped off with hempseed granola, fresh berries and agave, while our Cacao Chia Parfait features a cacao-kissed chia pudding to keep our chocolate lovers happy and healthy.

In addition, we have a seasonal fall offering: none other than pumpkin, of course! Our Pumpkin Chia Parfait layers date cashew-milk-based chia pudding with perfectly spiced pumpkin puree, hempseed granola, pumpkin seeds and a sprinkling of cinnamon spice to take it over the top, available for a limited time only.

And for just $3.95, there’s never been a more affordable way to eat clean!


  1. LOVE! the pumpkin parfait– please consider keeping it year-round!
    Also, looking for the nutritional info on these…

    • Pumpkin is so delicious and has so many great benefits! We’ll review it with our team, but have more tasty chia parfaits coming soon! Could you be so kind as to email info@nekterjuicebar.com for nutritional info? They will be able to answer all your nutritional information requests there 🙂 Thank you!

  2. Rhona curzio

    How many calories does the chia parfait have? Also can you make one without agave?

  3. Jane M Riley-Pugh

    I am so pleased with your product. I LOVED your cashew protein drink you had in the cleanse. I am on the cleanse now and noticed you changed it to Almond, cinnamon. Is there any chance you would consider bringing back the Cashew protein drink? I need it so much. Thank you for considering it as a stand alone or in the cleanse.

  4. Whats in the chocolate chia pafait?

    • Thanks for reaching out Megan! Our rich and creamy Cacao Parfait has dark chocolate overtones and antioxidant-packed cacao for an immunity-boosting, chocolate kick! Ingredients include cashews, chia seeds, baking chocolate, dates, hempseed granola, and cacao Nibs. Hope you can try one soon to let us know what you think!

  5. How many calories and how much sugar in a cacao chia pudding parfait?

    • Hi Rose! Can you please email our customer service reps over at info@nekterjuicebar.com? They will be able to give you all the nutritional info for our chia pudding parfaits there and help answer all of your questions- Thank you!

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