#dailyreset: Do This To Reach Those Relationship Goals

Ah the infamous New Year’s Resolution. Every year, we start January out strong, resolving to make big changes. The problem? Studies show that most people have ditched their New Year’s Resolutions by Valentine’s Day. That’s exactly why we came up with #dailyreset – the anti-resolution, if you will. We’ll walk you through some major goal-getting the entire month of January with weekly focus areas.

The premise is simple: pick a small goal that you can accomplish in one day. You’re much more likely to reach those big, pie-in-the-sky goals if you break them up into smaller increments. Each day is a new chance to make a contract with yourself to accomplish one simple goal. The more you train your brain to trust that you’ll stay true to your word and follow through on your daily promises, the more confidence and self-control you’ll build within yourself – essential components of long-term, sustainable goal achievement.

This week’s #dailyreset theme: personal relationships. Why are personal relationships so important to our health and well-being?

#RelationshipGoals are a thing for a reason. Studies have shown that those who maintain strong relationships, friends or otherwise, are half as likely to die prematurely. Coupled up? You’ve added about three years to your life expectancy right out of the gate. Keeping an active social life has even been shown to lower your risk of illnesses like chronic stress, hypertension and Alzheimer’s. You’re actually more likely to avoid a common cold! The bottom line: healthy relationships most often translate to healthier, happier lives.

The catch? Maintaining healthy relationships isn’t always easy. Whether it’s a friendship or a partnership, the daily grind of work and kids and packed schedules can definitely challenge even the strongest of foundations. That’s why it’s so important to periodically take stock of your own relationships and then set your relationship goals accordingly.

Unsure of where to begin? Think about the most important relationships in your life and set your big goals for them. Where is there room for improvement? Feeling disconnected from your spouse? Then your big goal could be getting in plenty of quality face time.

Once you’ve identified your goal, break it up into smaller #dailyreset goals that will collectively inch you toward your ultimate end-game. For instance, if your big goal is more quality time together, a #dailyreset goal could be inviting your significant other to the gym with you after work instead of going solo, or even something as simple as helping your partner with a household chore you’d normally sit out. 

As trite as it may sound, it’s the small things – small moments, small choices, small goals – that really add up to big gains. Setting small #dailyreset goals not only helps you be more present in your daily life and relationships, but the more you practice a new habit, the more likely it is to become a regular part of your routine.

Need some inspiration to get started? Check out how a few of our Nekter family are setting personal relationship #dailyreset goals of their own:

1. “I’m going to give my husband a compliment on his looks, character and something nice he’s done tonight before bed.” Katy, Blog Editor

2. “I’m going to turn off my phone when I get home and give my boyfriend my full attention.” Kortnie, Marketing Coordinator

3. “I’m taking my son golfing tomorrow.” Steve, President/CEO

Wanna join in? Follow along with us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter and share your own #dailyreset goals by tagging us at @nekterjuicebar and hashtagging #dailyreset. We’ll be reposting our favorites, sharing tips to help you reach your goals, and giving away special prizes throughout the month. But the best prize of all? Finally discovering a foolproof way to reach those goals day after day. What will you do today to start improving your personal relationships?

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