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Clean Eating: What is it Really?

By now you’ve heard this phrase countless times… “clean eating.” Whether you heard it while talking to a friend who mentioned their new diet of “clean eating” or read something about a restaurant that prides themselves on healthy cooking and clean eating, or found a blogger on Instagram whose workout regimen and clean eating recipes you liked; you’ve heard it somewhere these past few years. You may even profess to be a “clean eater” because we all want to be in the know of the current trends including health and fitness and diet. So we may partake in the occasional, “Yeah, I’m eating clean too.” But ask yourself this… “Do I really know what clean eating is?” If you don’t, it’s okay. We know a thing or two about it and are more than happy to fill you in.

While you may be a novice to “eating clean” it’s actually not a new principle and it is a surprisingly simple concept based on eating healthy, unprocessed foods. Darn those refined sugars right? Well, actually those refined sugars are what cause a rapid rise in your blood sugar levels. This is what leads to diabetes and other health problems like high cholesterol. Eating clean actually helps you to crave those bad sugars less and less. Using natural sugars like honey, agave and maple syrup (unprocessed of course) are honestly so much more delicious and your body can break them down so much easier. It’s really all about eating more of the best and healthiest options like snacking on a piece of fruit instead of a bag of chips, or grilling some vegetables as a side to your dinner instead of rice or potatoes.  Eating whole grains and healthy fats and proteins like fish, chicken, and beans.

If you’re looking to maximize your energy, eating clean is the best way. When you’re working out, the best thing to drink is water. You may be surprised at how much sugar is in drinks like Gatorade and Vitamin Water. Things that you think are offering you health benefits are actually hurting you in the long run. You get that surge of energy after drinking them because of all the sugar, but you’re left feeling sluggish later in the day and over time you can have harmful side effects like acne and weight gain.

It’s honestly just as easy to make healthy choices as it is unhealthy choices. And it’s okay to partake in the occasional pizza night or trip through In-n-Out’s Drive-thru or even indulge in a visit to your local ice cream shop on a warm summer night. The key is making sure you’re optimizing your health.


  1. Just wondering…..Are the vegetables being washed prior to juicing and how often is the juicer cleaned.

    • Bob, thank you for reaching out about this! Our veggies are washed in a gentle 3 rinse cycle and our juicers have a cleaning schedule as well. If you would like any additional info, please feel free to email us at info@nekterjuicebar.com. Cheers!

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