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Juicing: A Natural Remedy for Headaches

Approximately 45 million Americans suffer from a headache every year and it is one of the most common complaints among adults. Though considered a minor medical disorder, debilitating headache symptoms such as nausea, intense pain around the cranial region, or sensitivity to light or sound can physically disable a person […]

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Get Your Glow On!

Introducing 2 New Shine-Worthy Smoothies by Nékter What do you get when you mix antioxidant and vitamin-rich blueberries, Collagen, the tropical superfood Pitaya, and the health-boosting properties of fresh oranges? You get the Blueberry Dragonfruit Smoothie, a delicious new smoothie designed to help brighten up your skin and give you a […]

8 new grab n gos
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8 New Ways to Grab N Go

We’re excited to unveil our NEW and improved Grab N’ Go’s! We’ve completely re-designed our line-up to bring you new flavors, new superfoods, herbs, prebiotics and probiotics for even more immune-boosting, anti-inflammatory, and detoxifying benefits. Cold Pressed Juices Calming Greens + Ashwagandha  Contains brain-boosting Ashwagandha with stress-relieving properties. Helps improve concentration and enhance […]

Happy & Healthy

Your food is controlling your brain!

Believe it or not, your food can control how you think, feel, and act. Studies have shown that when people take probiotics, their anxiety levels, perception of stress, and mental outlook improve. “Like an expensive car, your brain functions best when it gets only premium fuel…Unfortunately, just like an expensive […]