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The Scoop: Charcoal


You’ve probably noticed the surge of activated charcoal in juices, face masks, and even capsules. There’s a reason it’s on the rise. In fact, there are several reasons. But first, you should know what activated charcoal really is. No, it’s not the same charcoal you’ve used to fire up your BBQ grill. It’s actually carbon that has been heated with a type of gas that causes it to develop pores that are able to trap chemicals in your body. It prevents those chemicals from getting absorbed by your body. It was originally used to treat poisoning and overdoses and has been used in trauma centers worldwide. It had such a great effect that doctors and the health industry decided to see what else it could do. Turns out, it does a whole lot. And here’s why we love it.

  1. Reduces bloating and gas
  2. Helps improve digestion (especially after a greasy meal)
  3. Lowers cholesterol
  4. Helps relieve hangovers
  5. Helps prevent hangovers (which is even better)
  6. Reduces joint pain
  7. Prevents cellular damage to your liver and kidneys
  8. Helps promote glowing skin
  9. Whitens teeth
  10. Increases energy

The activated charcoal in our juices is made from coconut shells. The charcoal easily binds to toxins which in turn helps draw them out of the body. When drinking a juice with activated charcoal, keep in mind that the charcoal can be very dehydrating so it is important to drink plenty of water throughout the day.

Right about now, you’ll want to go home and drink it, put it on your face, and brush your teeth with it, right? Don’t worry, we’ll be doing the same exact thing too. If you’re in the mood to enjoy it in a drink, stop by your local Nekter store and pick up our Grab-n-Go Charcoal Lemonade, we’re obsessed and you’ll be too.


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