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Fun Facts About Watermelon

What’s summer without watermelon, right? Our favorite summer fruit juice is back, the Watermelon Cooler. This melon + mint delicious is available now at your local Nekter. And in Nekter fashion, we wanted to share a few fun facts about watermelons and why we love them!

Some people say watermelon has too much sugar, but did you know that watermelon is actually 96% water?! So, it’s actually an incredibly hydrating fruit! 

Watermelons relieve muscle soreness. It’s a great go-to snack after a workout and it’s perfect for the kiddos after sports practice or swimming! Or you can order ahead on our app and pick up a Watermelon Cooler after a workout. 

Some watermelons are yellow! These yellow melons are actually a little sweeter and have a slight taste of honey! Who knew?

Watermelons date back over 5,000 years ago. They originated in the desert in Africa and have been recorded on ancient walls in Egyptian hieroglyphics. They were added to burial tombs of kings because watermelons were thought to provide nourishment in the afterlife.

The little white seeds you see in watermelons are actually not seeds. They’re seed coats and they’re perfectly fine to eat. Real watermelon seeds are the black seeds you find in the fruit. And those are actually edible too!

Fun fact about our Watermelon Cooler…. We add mint. Mint is incredibly high in antioxidants and nutrients and it’s a great allergy reliever.

We know you can’t contain the excitement, so put your computers down and head over to your local Nekter!

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