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the benefits of activated charcoal, why is activated charcoal good for you
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The Scoop: Charcoal

  You’ve probably noticed the surge of activated charcoal in juices, face masks, and even capsules. There’s a reason it’s on the rise. In fact, there are several reasons. But first, you should know what activated charcoal really is. No, it’s not the same charcoal you’ve used to fire up […]

kale, the health benefits of kale, why is kale good for you
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The Scoop: Kale

  You’ve all heard by now the never ending health benefits related to eating kale. It’s super high in nutrients and incredibly low in calories so you can see it’s appeal. It’s rich in antioxidants, is a major anti-inflammatory and can add bad-ass cancer fighter to its resume. Now that […]