Home Decor: The Best Indoor Plants

Home Decor: The Best Indoor Plants

Thanks to Pinterest & Instagram, home decor is a little easier. But once you get the general look down, adding the small things to bring it all together gets a little tricky. Case in point… houseplants. Bringing the garden inside is not the easiest feat but adding greenery to a room really adds the cherry on top. Plus, plants purify the air. They filter out toxins that are given off from things like carpet, paint, furniture. Who knew?!

One common mistake when choosing houseplants is choosing plants that aren’t suited for your home’s lighting. So here are a few tips: If you’re going to add a plant to a room with bright levels of light, you’ll want to get more tropical plants that have colored or patterned leaves. For rooms with low levels of light, you’ll want to make sure to choose plants that are tolerant of shade. These are plants that have dark leaves. But there are plenty of rooms that get a moderate amount of sunlight. So, to avoid sending your plants to early grave because of the wrong lighting, follow our guide below.

Snake Plants: A very hardy plant that offers a unique look to your home decor. It actually cleans the air (NASA said so, so you know it’s gotta be good) which is a super bonus. Best part about this plant is that it forgives you if you forget to water it (just try not to do that often). It prefers dry soil and can grow in any type of light but grow best in indirect bright light.  *If you have pets, make sure they don’t nibble on the leaves because it can upset their stomach.

Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees: This is a little more demanding of a plant because it needs to be watered regularly (about once a week). The best test is to touch the top of the soil and if it’s dry then you know you need to water it. If you add too much water the leaves will form brown spots on them so be on the look-out. It will grow best when fertilized every 6-8 weeks. This tree loves indirect sunlight so put it in a room where direct sunlight won’t get to it. It’s kind of a diva but it’s one of the best looking house plants around. *It is poisonous to pets if they eat the leaves so do be mindful of that.

Split Leaf Philodendra (monstera deliciosa): We love the large glossy leaves on this guy. They make for a great focal point in any room. It needs bright indirect sunlight and should be watered roughly every 7-10 days. Fertilizing helps too so make sure to invest in a good fertilizer. If you follow these directions it’s a pretty hardy plant and can grow rather quickly. Plus, you’ll love to use those big heart shaped leaves for some Instagram & Snapchat footage.

Succulents: The uber trendy houseplants. They love light! Make sure you’re placing them somewhere in your home that will provide at least 4-5 hours of light per day. Green succulents are the best for indoors. Avoid the purples, greys, oranges or ones that are light in color — those only do well outdoors. They’re a low maintenance plant that need to be watered about every 8 days which is great if you’re one to forget about watering. Set a reminder on your phone.

Kentia Palm: Also known as the Howeas. This is one of the best palm plants to keep indoors. It can keep its rich green color even in low light rooms. But do try to get it exposed to some sunshine every now and then to keep it really healthy. It likes plenty of water but only water when the top of the soil is dry. It’s best to plant it in fast draining soil. Follow these easy instructions and this palm will have your home looking like a tropical oasis in no time.

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