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Healthy Snacks That Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

If you’re guilty of eating healthy all day long and then get a craving for something sweet and ruin your entire day’s worth of calorie intake, raise your hand! We’re raising both hands over here. In a perfect world we’d be that random person who didn’t like sweets at all and would never have to scratch that sweet tooth itch. But… it’s not a perfect world and we’re only human and us humans over here like the sweet stuff! What if we told you, you could actually stump those cravings with healthy snacks? Seems impossible, right? Wrong! There are actually a ton of healthy snack options that completely satisfy those cravings. The best part is, you won’t feel guilty after eating them!

When in doubt…. Fruit! A delicious and healthy snack that is sure to satisfy those cravings are grilled peaches drizzled with agave nectar. It’s a perfect sweet summer snack!

Chocolate! Yup, you can eat chocolate and it won’t bring on the calories. Dip your snacks in chocolate to hit that sweet spot. We love dipping berries in chocolate, bananas, and even popcorn (for that sweet + salty combo).

Pears with cinnamon & sugar. Yes, you can eat a little sugar and it won’t pack the pounds on your belly. But, do note that when we say “sugar” we mean unrefined sugar. Sprinkle the tiniest amount along with some cinnamon over some cooked pears; it’s pretty great. For that extra indulgence, add low fat vanilla ice cream to top it off. 

Apple slices with almond butter and dark chocolate chips. Yum! Our favorite place for the best almond butter is at Whole Foods. They have a machine that makes fresh almond butter and it’s like nothing you’ve ever tasted!

Frozen grapes! Do you remember being a kid and going to visit your grandma’s house and she’d have grapes ready for you in the freezer? Ughhh…. We love those memories! Grandma actually did know best. Grapes are a perfect snack that satisfies the sweet tooth in you. *Side note, they’re great in cocktails too 😉

Fruit smoothies! In our household, smoothies are always a good idea! Like we’ve said before, grab a few different ingredients you have in your kitchen (any fruit will do) and sneak in some spinach or kale, add some ice and a little almond milk or cashew milk and you’ve got yourself a healthy, sweet snack.

Looking for other healthy food finds? We’ve got a great kale salad recipe you’ll love and if you’re a lover of brunch, here’s a great healthy mimosa recipe with our Nekter on the Rocks cocktail mixers.

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