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Healthy Habits and Products We Love to Help You Live the Nekter Life in 2020!!!

Living a healthy life isn’t always as simple as people might make it out to be. Our lives are busy and complex, and finding the time and space to build healthy habits can be difficult. Luckily, there are a number of products out there that we love here at Nekter that can help you live the Nekter life to its fullest. These items let you breathe freer, play harder, and live your best life no matter what else is going on. And there’s a lot going on, isn’t there?

Tru Filtered Air

This air filter subscription service is just what the doctor ordered.  It’s an elegant solution to an everywhere problem― the air we breathe. Tru Filtered Air, a company that prides itself on only using one premium MERV 13 filter so that you’re always breathing the best air possible, brings health to your life in ways you might not have considered. 

The best part? The delivery schedule is set so that when it gets delivered you know it’s time to change the old one. Why breathe cleaning air? It’s been demonstrated that we sleep better when we breathe better, for one. Tru Filtered Air can help alleviate allergies, too… This is our new favorite health habit!


Need some time to gather your thoughts? We’re big fans of journaling here at Nekter. Taking a moment each day (even if it’s just five minutes) to consider the events of the day is a great way to re-center and relax, and also prepare you for the days to come. 

Check out the journals from Action Method, some of our favorite options out there. Their unique format actually lets you develop your own Action plan each day, giving you a great way to get ahead of the complexities in life.

Meditation Apps

You often hear people say that meditation isn’t for them. They imagine meditation as a high stakes Zen process that they don’t have the time or energy to attain. The thing is, a lot of people meditate in other ways without even realizing it!

Driving in the car and enjoying your favorite songs is a way to meditate, as an example. On the lookout for guided meditation that won’t stress you out with its complexity? We love the Calm app, which guides you through simple, short meditations that encourage relaxation and release.


Let’s face it― we all need to admit at this point that Yoga knows what it’s about. This ancient discipline has had an update for the 21st century, and anyone can find a yoga practice that fits in with their journey to healthy habits. Some of our favorite yoga products?  Foam rollers. Incorporating this deep stretch tools into your routine is a great way to enhance your practice and, as a result, your relaxation and wellness.


Of course, how could we forget this one! One of the best ways to live your best life? Don’t get Hangry, get Nekter!! Nekter is our favorite way to get a burst of healthy energy, and adding an extra serving of fruits and vegetables to your daily diet does brings nothing but good to your life. Order a cleanse, visit a Nekter juice bar, or order online ahead of time. We got you on your journey to healthy habits!

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