Why Golden Milk & Yellow Food is All The Rage: Turmeric Benefits & How to Get More In Your Life

Turmeric seems to be popping up just about everywhere nowadays. People are adding it to their juices (like the ever so popular Turmeric Lemonade here at Nekter), sipping concoctions like “Golden Milk,” sprinkling it to their food, and they’re even using it to make face masks and teeth whitening pastes…but why? It’s being touted as a “Miracle Drug,” and we’re about to discover all the amazing benefits of this magical root and how to absorb more of it!

What is Turmeric?

But first, what is turmeric? It’s a root in the ginger family that when ground up can be used as a spice. It contains a naturally occurring, bright yellow chemical compound called “curcumin” that works wonders for the body. While most people consider “turmeric” a powerful health aide, it’s actually the curcumin that has all the benefits.

Why is it Good For You?

Turmeric is found to be so beneficial to our health mostly because it reduces inflammation in the body. Therefore, it’s linked to helping prevent and reverse many diseases that are due in large part to low level inflammation in the body like heart disease, degenerative diseases like Osteoarthritis, Metabolic Syndrome, and many autoimmune diseases.

Studies have also found the curcumin in turmeric to be beneficial in slowing the progression of Alzheimer’s disease and even many types of Cancer.

Because turmeric helps fight inflammation and increases antioxidant levels, it’s most commonly used to boost the immune system. It can aid in getting rid of chronic ailments, aches and pains, and fight or reduce the length and severity of colds and infections.

I know, personally, anytime I feel a little run down or like I might be catching a “bug” that’s going around, I load up ginger and turmeric shots or drinks. I’ve definitely noticed an improvement in my immune system since then!

How to Incorporate it into Your Diet

Turmeric can be added to just about anything! Pick some up at the store in root form or even in the spice aisle already ground up for you. You can use it just like ginger – grating the root or sprinkling the spice on your food or in drinks.

Turmeric pairs best with Indian dishes like curry or just veggies and rice. It has a bit of a spicy, mustardy taste, so add it in small amounts at first.

Turmeric can be added to smoothies and juices almost undetected, or you can make it the star of the show as a Turmeric Lemonade!

You can pick up some Turmeric Lemonade at Nekter or make your own! Just squeeze some lemons into your water with a little agave or maple syrup, and finely ground turmeric root (or sprinkle in the spice) to taste. And don’t forget the black pepper!!

Fun Fact: When black pepper is added to turmeric, it increases the bioavailability (or your body’s ability to absorb it) by 2000%!

Sounds crazy, right? It’s true! With all the amazing benefits of turmeric, we want to absorb as much as possible. So, bring on the pepper, and start getting more turmeric in your life!

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