Get Fit: Water Sports

Let’s face it, in order to be healthy we have to consistently eat right and be active. There’s no way to get around it. Eating healthy and staying fit does always make for a great feeling though, doesn’t it? For us, we feel our best when we’re mixing up our workout routines. Especially during the summer months, we love getting outdoors and finding ways to be active under the sun! Here’s our top 5 favorite summer activities that are also great workouts!

Stand-Up Paddle Boarding – It’s surfing meets kayaking and has become one of our favorite summer activities. No matter what level of fitness you are or what age, it’s a great workout. You work on balance, strengthening your core, and you even get in a good cardio session. The best part is, it’s so fun and doesn’t even feel like a workout!

Surfing– Talk about a full body workout! This is one of the best workouts for your abdominals, legs, and arms. Paddling out in the water works on several muscles; triceps, pectorals, and deltoids. It takes a lot of core strength to hold your body on that board and it’s a great workout to do with friends!

Kayaking – An amazing calorie burner. People burn about 400 calories per hour of kayaking so if you go out for a few hours you’ll get a great cardio workout in. You’re also working on your back muscles, chest muscles, and arm muscles. It’s also a great stress reliever which we all know we need in our lives. If you haven’t tried this adventurous workout, we highly recommend it.

Swimming – One of the best workouts you can ever do is swim. It uses every muscle in your body and doesn’t put stress on your joints like other workouts do. It’s great for boosting metabolism and burns a ton of calories. Whether you’re swimming out in the ocean or in a pool, it’s an all around amazing workout!

Windsurfing – We’re obviously into the whole surfing thing, naturally since we’re SoCal residents and windsurfing is another great sport that provides an incredible cardiovascular workout. It builds endurance, strengthens your core, and it hardly feels like exercise when you’re going 20 miles an hour! It’s a must do this summer.

One of the greatest benefits about working out outdoors is soaking up all that Vitamin D which actually helps fight depression. So outdoor workouts are also good for you mentally, who knew?! Just make sure to protect your skin and wear plenty of sunblock and keep applying throughout the day.

*Photo by: Women’s Health

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