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what are the benefits of coconut, health benefits of coconut, how to use coconut oil, how to eat coconuts
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The Scoop: Coconut

  Aside from their tropical appeal and social media photo-worthiness, coconuts have amazing health benefits, plus they taste pretty great and can be used in so many ways. Coconut isn’t popular just for its water; so many coconut derived products are being used daily like oil, flour, sugar, and milk. […]

what are the benefits of ginger, why should I eat ginger, ginger, fresh ginger
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The Scoop: Ginger

  Ever wonder why your wasabi is accompanied by ginger when you’re eating sushi? There’s a method behind it and it’s simply that ginger cleanses the palate. You’re supposed to eat it in between different pieces of sushi. It prepares your mouth for a new tasting fish. Interesting fact, right? […]

the benefits of activated charcoal, why is activated charcoal good for you
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The Scoop: Charcoal

  You’ve probably noticed the surge of activated charcoal in juices, face masks, and even capsules. There’s a reason it’s on the rise. In fact, there are several reasons. But first, you should know what activated charcoal really is. No, it’s not the same charcoal you’ve used to fire up […]