Sprouted Beans

Buzzword Breakdown: Sprouted. What does sprouted mean?

We’re sure you’ve probably laid eyes on this buzzword a few times before. Most health food stores are well-stocked with sprouted bread, sprouted flour, sprouted nuts. But what does that really mean??

Long story short, sprouted foods are exactly what their moniker implies: whole grains, nuts, beans or seeds that have been soaked in water and then formed sprouts.

Why are sprouted foods better? Because they help cut down on a little thing called anti-nutrients – naturally occurring compounds within the plants that exist to help protect the them from pests and keep the seeds from sprouting until they’re mature enough, but also interfere with our bodies’ vitamin and mineral absorption when we eat said plants.

By contrast, when foods are sprouted, thus reducing the anti-nutrient content, nutrient absorption is increased, the foods are more easily digested, the protein is more readily available to the body, fiber content goes up, gluten breaks down, potential allergens are reduced and antioxidant levels shoot up, making sprouted foods nutritionally superior to their conventional counterparts.

But sprouted foods are nothing new. In fact, it’s been a common practice for thousands of years in Eastern culture. And anything that’s been proven to be such a huge health benefit for that long is definitely something we can get on board with, which is why Nekter Juice Bar sprouts all of our cashews before blending them into our delicious, housemade cashew milk. 

This is definitely one buzzword we recommend exploring.

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