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Hi! I’m Lauren Rasky! I’m a newly married fur baby mama of two rescues, and I’m from Pittsburgh, PA. I spent 6 years soaking up the sun in Southern California, but returned to my roots again to be near my family. I’m a long time fitness trainer, I’m certified in Holistic Nutrition as well as Fitness & Sports Nutrition, and I’m always on a quest to learn more. I love sharing what I learn with others, and I’m honored to be a guest blogger here on the Nekter blog! The plant-based lifestyle is something that changed my life so much, I even created a program called Plant Based and Practical that helps people transition to a whole-foods, plant based diet, modify every day meals to fit that diet, so it becomes a lifestyle, get rid of some of the nagging ailments that come with the Standard American Diet, and help people look and feel their best.

I fell into this line of work while digging myself out of a deep depression and constant struggle with anxiety, migraines, and all kinds of stomach issues in my late teens/early twenties. I turned to exercise and healthy eating and eventually went off my meds in the process. I’ve been overweight, and I’ve been underweight. I’ve struggled with disordered eating, and I’ve made big changes to how I live. Long story short, I’ve had plenty of health issues, food intolerances, and hormonal imbalances that have all been helped by changing to a plant-based diet. I refused to accept that feeling “crappy” or even “mildly crappy” was a normal thing. And in the process, I’ve learned a ton about how much the food we put in our bodies affects us.

I’m far from perfect and definitely don’t know everything there is to know, but I do my very best to take care of myself by moving my body and fueling it with whole foods…and it’s my passion to pay it forward and share what I’m learning with others because I know what it has done for me.

I’m a foodie who also believes that food heals…but that doesn’t mean you have to compromise taste. I wholeheartedly believe a plant-based diet is best for our health and for the world (I’m a big animal lover, too). I’m also a huge fan of Nékter, their mission and the message they’re getting out, and I’m thrilled to be a part of it! I hope you find my articles interesting and helpful!

P.S. In case you’re wondering, my favorite Nékter orders are the Turmeric Lemonade, ginger shots (I swear by these when I need to boost my immunity or feel like I might be getting sick), the Toxin Flush, and the Acai Banana Berry bowl with gluten free granola.


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