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The Scoop: Coconut


Aside from their tropical appeal and social media photo-worthiness, coconuts have amazing health benefits, plus they taste pretty great and can be used in so many ways. Coconut isn’t popular just for its water; so many coconut derived products are being used daily like oil, flour, sugar, and milk. At Nekter, we love adding coconut flakes to our smoothies and bowls but while we’re home, we have plenty of other uses for it. 

Fresh coconut meat (the raw meat) is incredibly high in fiber and is great for your intestines and digestive system. It’s like fuel for your body. Eating raw coconut meat helps prevent your body from heart disease, stroke, and even neurological disorders. Who knew?!

Fresh coconut water (no added sugars) provides minerals to your body that help brain function and movement. The juice is rich in electrolytes and helps hydrate your body. It also has more potassium in one serving than 4 bananas. So if you’ve skipped out on eating your fruit that day, you might want to hydrate with some coconut water or stop by your local Nekter and pick up a Tropical Cooler Smoothie or The Pink Flamingo; both have coconut water in them. 

Coconut oil can be used countless ways while cooking – in place of vegetable oil to pop corn, or instead of olive oil to sauté veggies. Use it to “butter” your toast, or try blending it in a smoothie. It’s also great to use for skin care and hair care. Did you know coconut oil can be used for body scrubs, lip balm, sunburn care and treatment for dry skin? In need of a hair serum to get those fly-aways or frizzies to calm down? Apply a little to those rogue hair pieces at the ends of your hair and you’ll be surprised at how great it works. Leave it overnight to deep conditioner because it stimulates hair growth, promotes a healthy scalp and adds shine to your dull locks.

Coconut milk or cream (which is different from coconut water) helps boost your immune system and protects your body against infections and viruses. It’s lactose free and is a great alternative to dairy in smoothies and even in baking.

Coconut flour, made from ground and dried coconut meat is gluten free, high in fiber, and low in sugar. It’s great for people who have a gluten intolerance, Paleo-friendly eaters, and Vegan friendly eaters.

Sprinkled over our acai and pitaya bowls is one of our favorite ways to enjoy this fruit! What’s yours? 

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