8 new grab n gos

8 New Ways to Grab N Go

We’re excited to unveil our NEW and improved Grab N’ Go’s! We’ve completely re-designed our line-up to bring you new flavors, new superfoods, herbs, prebiotics and probiotics for even more immune-boosting, anti-inflammatory, and detoxifying benefits.

Cold Pressed Juices

Nekter Calming Greens with AshwagandhaCalming Greens + Ashwagandha 
Contains brain-boosting Ashwagandha with stress-relieving properties. Helps improve concentration and enhance overall energy.
• Super herb Ashwagandha helps the body manage stress and anxiety
• Improves concentration



Nekter Healing Greens with PrebioticsHealing Greens + Probiotics 
A healing blend of fruits and vegetables with prebiotics to help prevent bloating and improve overall digestion.
• Prebiotics nourish good bacteria in your gut
• Prevents bloating and improves digestion
• Helps strengthen your immune system


Nekter Pomegranate Beet Grab N GoPomegranate Beet
An earthy blend with beets, greens and antioxidant-packed pomegranate that cleanses the liver and floods your body with essential minerals. Great for detoxing.
• Promotes healthy circulation
• Boosts endurance
• Helps improve blood flow and lower blood pressure
• Beets are low in calories and cholesterol


New Skinny Lemonades

Nekter GInger Lime Skinny LemonadeGinger Lime
An invigorating lemonade with the refreshing taste of lemon, lime and a hint of ginger. Helps to soothe an upset stomach and reduce inflammation.
• Increases energy
• Helps inflammation
• Excellent source of vitamin C, B6
potassium and folate
• Reduces joint pain


Nekter Berry Detox Grab N Go

Berry Detox
Like sunshine in a bottle with the taste of strawberry, raspberry and blackberries. Rich in antioxidants to help improve cardiovascular function and boost metabolism.
• Packed with vitamins C, K, potassium
and folic acid
• Helps to reduce heartburn, nausea and fever
• Supports heart health and fights cholesterol

Nekter Charcoal Skinny Lemonade with ProbioticsCharcoal + Probiotics
A detoxifying lemonade with probiotics. Charcoal helps to draw toxins from the body, reducing bloating and promoting glowing skin.
• Activated charcoal detoxifies the body
• Probiotics add healthy bacteria to your gut
• Promotes glowing skin



Nekter Turmeric Citrus Lemonade with Camu Camu

Turmeric Citrus + Camu Camu
A spicy citrus lemonade that helps to fight inflammation and reduce joint pain. It boosts metabolism and digestion while helping to strengthen the immune system.
• Camu-Camu is the ultimate cold-buster
• Helps inflammation + joint pain
• Aids in digestion
• Boosts energy

Superfood Protein

Nekter Chai LatteChai Latte
A mixture of rich coffee and aromatic Indian spices and herbs. Helps to reduce inflammation in the body and strengthen the immune system.
• May lower cholesterol
• Helps to burn fat
• Helps reduce inflammation in your body
• Helps strengthen your immune system

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