5 Reasons Relationships Are Good For You

There’s arguably no better feeling than being in love (chocolate, hot showers on a cold day, and a few other things may come close!) During attraction, courtship, and falling head over heels, our brains are actually busy releasing norepinephrine, adrenaline, and dopamine to make us feel good. They also rewire themselves by shutting down the amygdala – taking our good judgment with it. You might recognize these activities as being very similar to what happens when people are on highly addictive drugs.

While this may not sound healthy, here are 5 great reasons why being in a loving relationship is actually great for your health.

1. Perhaps because they are getting their highs naturally, studies have shown that couples exhibit less risk-taking behaviors such as substance abuse. 

2. Stronger hearts.
A study conducted by Rutgers and Emory showed that married people had a 3 times higher survival rate after heart surgery than single people.

3. Lower chance of heart attack.
The European Journal of Preventative Cardiology has shown that being married could make you less likely to have a heart attack, and that married couples tend to live longer. Maybe that is why love is often represented with hearts?

4. Better habits.
Researchers have shown that if your significant other eats well, exercises regularly, and maintains a healthy weight, you are also more likely to show these same healthy behaviors. There may be no “i” in team, but there is definitely a “we” in wellness!

5. Longer, healthier lives.
Although single people have more time to maintain strong friendships, a good marriage is one of the deepest and closest sources of support and strength. People who feel alone and unhealthy may run the risk of isolation, depression, and may neglect their health. Having the support of friends or a loved one can lead to better health, happiness, and a longer life!

Does love conquer all? If not, it sure can do a lot for your mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.

For the singles out there, we have some good news for you as well!

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