4 Ways Being Single Keeps You Healthier

On Valentine’s Day, the struggle is real for many singles. Whether it’s all those Kay Jewelers commercials or your mercilessly nagging mother who’s frothing at the mouth to marry you off, this time of year can be tough for those with no valentine. That’s why we thought it the perfect time to remind you that not only does having an entire closet to yourself rock, you’re actually all-around healthier by not having a plus-one. Take a look at four ways being single keeps you healthier. Consider it our valentine to you. (You’re welcome.)

1. You fit in regular workouts.
Let’s be honest: when you’re single, you’ve gotta be ready to mingle at all times…which means hitting the gym is a non-negotiable. Not only are you more invested in your personal fitness when you’re looking to catch the eye of a potential mate, but your single status allows you much more free time to pursue your workout goals. Wanna head straight to that new spin studio after work instead of rushing home to cook dinner? No hangry hubby at home awaiting your arrival = no problem.

2. You have closer friendships.
Going solo doesn’t mean you’re sitting home all alone every Friday night. On the contrary, singles are much more likely to maintain strong friendships than those with spouses. Think about it: when there’s no one constantly vying for your time at home, you have free reign to focus all your attention on nurturing your friendships, which, in turn, keeps them stronger and more closely bonded. People who maintain an active social life and healthy friendships are happier, get sick less, stay sharper and live longer.

3. You are less stressed.
When you’re the lone member of your household, you don’t sweat the small stuff as much. For example, one of the biggest stressors in a marriage is money. Any coupled-up woman will admit to hiding shopping bags from her significant other a time or two, in order to avoid conflict. Financial infidelity is actually a thing, and when you’re single, the stress of harboring resentment or secret financial woes is automatically not an issue. (In fact, as a singleton, you’re less likely to have credit card debt.) The same goes for household chores. Studies have shown that having a husband adds about seven extra hours to a woman’s cleaning duties. On the flip side, when there’s no one else around to nag you about that pile of dirty laundry (or add to it), the stress of keeping things neat and tidy at all times just sort of evaporates into thin air. Basically, you have no one to please but yourself. What could be more stress-relieving than that??

4. You sleep better.
When there’s no one else in the bed to keep you awake with their book light or their snoring or their incessant spooning (no one likes a serial spooner when you’re trying to get into the sleep zone), you’re all but guaranteed a quality sleep sesh. And more sleep means a boosted immune system, less inflammation, more mental clarity, less chronic disease and a healthier weight.

Has being single helped your health? Share your solo success in the comments!

Tip: if you are in a relationship, sending this to your significant other on Valentine’s Day is a poor health decision. Instead, send them this one!

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